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Nucs are a great way to start raising bees.
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3lb package deposit,remaining balance due upon delivery

3lb package deposit, balance due upon delivery

Our Packages contain three pounds of bees including drones, worker/forager bees, nurse bees, and guard bees with a mated "caged" queen. Also included is one can of mixed sugar syrup which the bees will need during the transition from the package to the NUC or Honey Hive that the beekeeper will place them in.

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NUCS $145

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What's a NUC?

A NUC is the nucleus of a hive. A NUC consists of a laying queen, foragers, nurse bees, guard bees, and drones with 5 frames of drawn foundation. In other words an established colony.

The box or container seen in the picture is included in the price and is temporary housing for the bees for the trip to your backyard or apiary. When you buy a NUC, these bees are already out bringing in nectar, pollen and most likely storing honey.

These NUCS are grown in the north Georgia Mountains, and are usually ready to be picked up around around late April/early May, depending on the weather.

As in the packages, there is a $50 pre-order deposit PER NUC payable at time of ordering to hold your order with the balance due at pickup!

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As we near delivery time the prices may increase due to a shortage of bees this year and an increase in demand. Whatever price you lock into, the increase will not affect you, so act now!

Raw, unfiltered, unheated HONEY! $18.95 (Quart Jars)


Due to the fact that some of our products are perishable in nature, all sales are final unless approved by management in advance.

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